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Robin E. Jimerson was born May 28, 1981, to Clarence J. Jimerson and Ann R. Tarlton and was born and raised in Ft. Worth, TX. In her early years her father owned Jimerson’s Funeral Parlor on Vaughn in Fort Worth, TX. And, despite the fact that when Robin was small she never went to the funeral home, funeral service you could say “was in her blood.”

Robin attended O. D. Wyatt High School and upon finishing school she attended Tarrant County College. After deciding to leave her childhood church, Concord Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX, Robin joined the Beth-Eden Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX under the leadership of Reverand B. R. Daniels, Sr. It is here that she grew in the spiritual knowledge of the Lord. She worked in several different ministries of the church. It is here that she also met some of the people that have helped her through some challenging times in her life and who she counts as very close friends.

Having worked in several different occupations (home health care, construction with her father, etc.), Robin learned various styles of communication and gained the tools that she would use later on. Robin worked for Cedar Hill Memorial Park for a short period of time, and it is through that job that she started on the path that would bring her to Serenity Funerals and Cremations today.

In July 2003, Robin relocated to Houston, TX to attend Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services, where she graduated with honors and distinction. In Houston, she attended St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverand Stan Hilliard. She worked at Brookside Funeral Home and Memorial Park and received formal training in funeral service. Working here she learned how to handle funeral services for various cultures and ethnicities.

While completing her embalming apprenticeship she met Darelle D. Broussard. They worked together for some time and fell in love. They later married at the Beth-Eden Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth.

In Feb 2005, Clarence Jimerson passed away. It was a very difficult time as Robin and Darelle where in the process of opening their own mortuary service, Anointed Hands Embalming Service. Mr. Jimerson was very excited to know that someone in the family would continue in the funeral service tradition and could not wait to provide all the advice needed. It was with great sadness and joy that in March 2005 Anointed Hands Embalming Service was opened.

Robin is the proud mother of five wonderful children: Christian, who is a wonderful guitar player; Lyria, who wants to be a singer; Xiya, who should be a teacher; and Amiah and Brylee. Robin stays busy, preparing for the grand opening of she and her husband’s latest venture, Serenity Funerals and Cremations, Fort Worth, working at the mortuary service and shuttling her children to and from their various destinations. They currently attend Beth Eden Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. B.R. Daniels Sr. is their Pastor.

"The Tradition Continues"

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