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On October 27, 1981 in Loreauville, Louisiana, Damian Pierre and Stephanie Marie Broussard became the proud parents of a baby boy they named Darelle Drake Broussard. They were quite pleased as they hoped that he would follow in the family tradition of funeral services.

Darelle was raised and groomed by the late Lincoln Broussard and Dorothy Broussard, his great grandparents. He began working in the family funeral home at a very young age. Darelle attended Loreauville High School, graduating in the Class of 1999. In November 1999, Mr. Broussard decided to continue in the family’s 70 years of funeral experience. So, he relocated to Houston, Texas and began his studies at the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services, acquiring an Associate of Science Degree. He also received his National Board license, and a license to practice the “art” of Funeral Directing and Embalming in the State of Texas.

Before moving to Houston, Mr. Broussard had decided that upon graduation from mortuary school, he would return to the family business to take his rightful place there.

But, upon his graduation, he decided to broaden his knowledge of the “funeral industry” so he would be better able to serve families. So, he made Houston his home. During his early years in the funeral industry he became acquainted with Rodney F. Byrd, owner of the then Metropolitan Funeral Home of Houston, Texas, and Mr. Byrd took Mr. Broussard “under his wings” and taught him all he knew about funeral services. Through this relationship, Mr. Broussard and Mr. Byrd developed a father–son relationship and are still very close. Mr. Broussard developed an extraordinary gift in giving families the finest farewell under the tutelage of Mr. Byrd.

Darelle became an employee of the nation’s largest funeral corporation, Service Corporation International which owns several funeral homes throughout the United States, in order to gain the skill he needed to be one of the best embalmers. He also contracted independently with various funeral homes in the Houston and surrounding areas to do their embalming. It is during this time that Darelle saw a great need for more qualified embalming. After much prayer, he felt “his wings were strong enough for him to fly”

During this time, Mr. Broussard met the former Robin Jimerson, and was her sponsor in order for her to obtain her embalming license. After courting for a “spell” Darelle asked for her hand in marriage. They were married at the Beth Eden Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX on October 30, 2004. While planning their wedding, they were also preparing to open their own mortuary service.

With his desire to serve the people and her business skills, Darelle and Robin, only by the grace of God, opened Anointed Hands Embalming Service in Houston in March 2005. They worked tirelessly to build a quality and professional business, and within the first year of business had outgrown the 1000 sq. ft. building they started in and relocated to their current 2100 sq. ft. location. For the past five years, Anointed Hands Embalming Service has been serving the funeral industry in most of North America and several other countries. By the grace of God, and their undying commitment to each other, they have been blessed to be able to progress in such a way that has allowed them to open this new location.

Darelle is the proud father of five lovely children: Christian, Lyria, Xiya, Amiah and Brylee. He is also a member of the Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Houston where the Rev. Terry Anderson is his pastor. Darelle is a student of the College of Biblical Studies in Houston where he is in pursuit of the higher call of his Lord. He works reverently in the community aiding those who are in their greatest time of need.

"The Tradition Continues"

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